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  1. How late can I place an order and have it shipped the same day?

    • You can place an order anytime during business hours or anytime via email but if it is placed before 1pm you can get it shipped out the same day.​​

  2. How can I reach the Accounting Departments?

    • You can email '' for any accounting inquiries ie invoice copies, statements, payments on account, etc.

  3. What are your hours of operation?

    • All locations are open Monday through Friday, 6am - 4pm.​

  4. What is your minimum order amount?

    • All orders have a $25 minimum unless paid by cash​.

  5. Do you do job-site visits?

    • Please contact your local sales rep for pull tests, job-site visits, estimates, etc.​

  6. Where can I get a credit application or resale certificate?

    • Please click here to download.

  7. Where do I go for vendor estimating guides?

    • Please go to our 'VENDOR' section and click on the vendor icon.​

  8. Where do I go for MSDS or Technical Guides?

    • Please ​go to our 'VENDOR' section and click on the vendor icon.​ You can find any these on the vendor websites or through a Google Search.

  9. Who do I contact for warranty inquiries?

  10. Do you have tinting capabilities?

    • Yes, both our Menlo Park and Oakland locations have tint dispensers. Please contact inside sales.​

  11. What is your return policy?

    • Authorized returns must be within 45 days of purchase and are subject to a 20% restocking charge. Special order items are not returnable for credit. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances.​

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